This is a multi page application form which may take around 1 hour to complete. You may wish to prepare some of the information in advance as it cannot be saved until it is submitted. Attachments are added on the final page.

Applications are invited from:

  • autism-specific play and activity schemes.

  • Other play and activity schemes which include children with autism – grants must be used towards the specific costs of enabling children with autism to take part in the scheme.

Grants of up to £10,000 will be considered for:

  • General running costs.

  • The costs of including children with complex needs in schemes.

Applications are invited from:

  • Registered charities, charitable incorporated organisations, unincorporated charitable associations, companies limited by guarantee, community interest companies with a recognised charitable purpose, statutory health and social care services, exempt charities e.g. parish councils.

If you have any questions please contact Matt Williams on 020 7410 0330.

Funds for this programme are limited. Consideration will be given to achieving fair geographical coverage when awarding grants.

About the children you will assist
Grant Request